All You Need To Know About Distribution And Marketing Of Short Movies

Contrary to popular belief, the filming of short movies extends past the production stage. In order to create a successful short movie, it is necessary to consider both pre-production and post-production features. One of the most challenging aspects of post-production is the distribution of the short film. The success of the film is highly dependent on the marketing and distribution techniques used. This article will provide information on the effective marketing and distribution of short films.

1. The Press Kit

The most common method to distributing a short film is through the use of press kits. The press kit is typically sent to different film executives and film festival organizers. This is a highly effective method of promoting smaller short movies with limited budgets. The quality of a film is influenced greatly by the budget and how appropriately funding was allocated; therefore, new film makers should create high quality press kits to capture the attention of professional film executives.

One can place a variety of items in a press kit along with a clipping of the short movie produced. If the film has been presented at different festivals or exhibitions, it may be beneficial to include clippings of these activities. A successful press kit will include well-written press releases describing the film and providing information on its distribution. While press kits are generally sent to individuals in the film industry, it is recommended one submit these kits to journalists in order to create some ‘buzz’ over the movie.

2. The Portfolio

Using a press kit is a highly beneficial marketing technique; however, it is also advised that one create a portfolio. The portfolio can be incorporated in the press kit, but it is more effective as a practical presentation when speaking with film industry professionals face-to-face. A portfolio will not include a sample of the film, but should include printed material of newspaper clippings and press releases. It is also advised that one keep any programs from film festivals where one’s short movie was viewed. This will act as evidence of one’s experience within the film industry.

short movies3. The Film Synopsis

As is mentioned above, it is essential to provide a brief description of the film and its subject matter. While it is possible for any individual to write a synopsis, the quality of this printed material will influence the attention short movies will receive. The description must be intriguing and attention-grabbing. It must be detailed enough to attract the viewer; however, not too detailed in order to encourage the individual to view the film. It is recommended that one employ the services of a professional press release writer in order to create an effective synopsis.

4. Biographies

The most important aspect of the press release is the description of the movie; however, it is recommended that one write short biographies of the director and key staff involved in film production. This is most beneficial when sending the release to journalists as the information will promote both the movie and the production crew’s experience.